Up to a 2-Year Warranty | Free delivery for orders over R500 | 14-Day Return Policy

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Why is it good to recycle your computer and other electronics at TechMarkit?

• Selling your computer for re-use elsewhere (rather than throwing it away) is good for the environment.
• You may help to empower someone who cannot afford to buy a 
• Help create and sustain jobs in the second-hand electronics market.

Guidelines to selling your device online with TechMarkit

TechMarkit has a form for you to complete with all your device’s details, so that you canreceive a formal Quotation to sell your device. Where technical details are needed, follow the link to the Technical Details Help Page.

If you don’t want to spend the time filling in those details, TechMarkit can do all of that for you, but do remember that there are just a few pieces of information that we require upfront.

When you’re done, simply submit the form and we will keep in touch to arrange for the courier to collect your unit.

Follow this link to the Online Form.

Once you have completed your online form, you will have selected a suitable date and time for the courier to collect. Next, it’s time to prepare your device.
1. Remove data from your device by backing it up to the Cloud (using programs like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or to an external storage device if you wish to keep the data. Check that everything you wanted to keep, appears on the drive and then please log out of your cloud account. Once you hand over your computer to TechMarkit, please remember that you cannot hold TechMarkit responsible for any loss of data or programs.
2. Package and prepare everything for safe courier transport. Use bubble wrap around each item (computer, charger, cables etc) and put them into a sturdy box with additional bubble wrap in any gaps. If you have your original packaging/box, then please use that. Boxing your device is essential to ensure it is transported in good condition for shipping and safe during handling.
3. Kindly ensure that the courier hands you a collection note or waybill before you hand over your parcel and see that they sign for it.

There’s nothing for you to do at this stage while TechMarkit completes the following processes:
a) An audit to confirm the machine’s specifications
b) A full diagnostic to check that everything is in good working order
c) A visual/physical inspection for any scratches dents cracks etc
d) A security check in order to finalise the transaction

An emailed Quotation will be sent to you based on the processes discussed in step 3 by TechMarkit. You can choose to Accept or Decline the offer.
IF YOU ACCEPT you will receive more communication about the next steps.
IF YOU DECLINE to accept the Quotation no problem! TechMarkit gives you a Seven (7) Day Price Lock. This means the price quoted to you won’t change within 7 days in case you change your mind during those few days. In the meantime TechMarkit will be in touch about a suitable time when the courier can return your device and accessories to you.

Please note that TechMarkit reserves the right not to accept devices for purchase/trade-in.

This is the last step before you receive payment for the device you have sold to TechMarkit.

There is obviously some paperwork to be done in order to transfer ownership of your device and to ensure compliance with the Second Hand Goods Act. Provided all documents are in order, TechMarkit will (during regular working hours) make a payment request to the bank. Payment will take up to ten (10) working days.
Alternatively, if you’d like to trade in your device for another device from TechMarkit’s website, you can choose to receive a voucher to the value of the Quotation. Click here to viewTechMarkit’s product range.

Thank you for considering TechMarkit as your company of choice to sell your computing and electronic equipment.