Up to a 2-Year Warranty | Free delivery for orders over R500 | 14-Day Return Policy

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TechMarkit does offer refunds and exchanges under certain conditions and as part of their compliance to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

You can read the complete Refund Policy here, but in the meantime, here's some help.

If you encounter a problem with your device and wish to return it, please check if it is still under Warranty or not. Do this as soon as possible - the earlier the better!

If it is under Warranty, send an email with all details and photos to warranty@techmarkit.co.za. Alternatively you can click on the black & white 'Help' button (or the Question Mark icon for mobile users), at the bottom right hand side of your screen and use the Warranty form there.

Do remember that if your product has been subjected to significant impact damage, oxidation or has been opened by a third party, it will not be covered by the manufacturer’s Warranty nor by the TechMarkit Warranty in the case of a Pre-Owned item purchase.

➡️ Please read more here about any Warranty exclusions.

⚠️ Note that TechMarkit is NOT currently accepting out-of-warranty repairs.

How to return a Product

When returning a product to TechMarkit, it is recommended to follow these steps:

Step 1: To make the return process as smooth as possible, please first take pictures of the product from all angles before sending it back (you can upload these pictures in the customer service request with TechMarkit).

Doing this will protect you from potential problems that may occur during transport; for example, if the delivery worker is a little too rough handling your package and delivers your return cracked or damaged in any way, then TechMarkit reserves the right to void your warranty and refuse your refund.

In addition, a screenshot showing that your phone is factory reset will lead to a smoother return process.

Step 2: Remove the user account of your product and any open links to your Microsoft and/or Apple/iCloud account(s).

(a)    It is not necessary to manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos or any other information when you are connected to your account (iCloud, Google, Samsung, etc.). This could result in the permanent deletion of your contents from the servers and any devices you have connected.
(b)    Failure to log out of your iCloud account or Google Play account may result in your return not being accepted. If you forget to do this before returning the product, you may need to provide TechMarkit with your login info in order to proceed with the repair, exchange or refund. Although this information will be deleted after the procedure as TechMarkit is compliant with POPIA legislation, it is safer not to have to provide these details!

Step 3: Finally, before sending your order back to TechMarkit, it's important to protect and package it as best as you can:
1.    Make sure that the device is safely and securely protected. Re-use bubble wrap from other packages to protect the device and then fill in any empty space in the box with crumpled newspaper. If you still have your original packaging, you can use that.
2.    If you are returning the package with your own courier, be sure to hand it to an actual human and to get a tracking receipt! To make sure we process your return quickly, we need to make sure that we can track the package during its entire journey!

Step 4: Send the tracking number to help@techmarkit.co.za. If you have noted on the Return form you submitted that TechMarkit must collect, then we will be in touch with you.