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All brand-new products carry the local manufacturer’s Warranty, according to their terms.
Pre-owned devices are covered either by a 6-month or 1-year, local TechMarkit Warranty, which covers defects in materials/hardware and working parts (unless damage or abuse is found).
This Warranty is not transferable and is confined to the purchaser who bought the product from TechMarkit.

What benefits do you get with the TechMarkit Warranty?

  1. Peace of mind over the Warranty period and technical advice or support when you need it.
  2. Free courier service to collect and deliver your device when you lodge a claim.
  3. Should you find a fault within 14 days of purchase, enjoy a replacement or similar unit - no questions asked.
  4. If you experience the same verified hardware fault twice during the Warranty’s 6-month period, you get a replacement or similar unit – no questions asked.
  5. Should your Warranty repair take longer than 10 working days, a loan unit may be made available to you upon request.
  6. Easy Warranty Claim and Repair process that won't keep you up at night.

What is not covered by the TechMarkit Warranty?

  1. Normal wear and tear (everyday usage).
  2. Software, including and without limitation, the operating system and software added to the hardware device products through our factory-integration system, third-party software or the reloading of software. This includes any software you install onto the device.
  3. The battery of the device and/or damage caused to the battery (excluding iPhones – see further down this page). We consider batteries to be a consumable item, therefore they are only covered for the first 14 days from date of purchase.
  4. Damage to the screen of your device where fault may be found by general use or user abuse or as a result of issues with the hinges.
  5. Problems that result, directly or indirectly, from external causes such as accidental damage, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power (including loadshedding).
  6. Any kind of physical damage to devices that have 360 (2-in-1), fold or flip technology, including the following conditions:
    • Misalignment of the external hardware parts;
    • Stiff or squeaky hinges;
    • Devices that have been pushed to open more than the intended angle;
    • Dust, dirt and foreign objects in the hinges;
    • Evidence of the device having been dropped or mis-treated;
    • Unauthorised repairs or servicing not approved by a manufacturer’s brand repair agent;
    • Usage that is not in accordance with the product instructions.
    • Damage to the screen due to faulty hinges, among other causes.
  7. Failure to follow the product instructions or perform preventative maintenance, eg software updates.
  8. Using accessories, parts or components not supplied by the manufacturer.
  9. Products with missing or altered service tags or serial numbers.
  10. Blacklisting of your product.
  11. Acts of God, lightning, fire, voltage fluctuations or any cause beyond the control of TechMarkit eg loadshedding.
  12. There are any physical alterations, ie. there have been modifications and/or additional parts have been added.
  13. Accidental damage has occurred.
  14. There is evidence of abuse, negligence or user tampering/error.
  15. Water or infestation damage is evident. This applies to both the operating components and batteries. If the device is a cellphone, water/liquid damage is not covered regardless of any IP rating.
  16. Damage is caused by a power surge (power surges may occur after a power cut/loadshedding when electricity is restored).
  17. Cracked screens or visible signs of the unit having been dropped or damaged, even if these signs are minor (nicks, dents, scratches), because impact may cause internal damages.
  18. Using incorrect or incompatible accessories other than what was supplied to you with your purchase, such as the power cord, charger or factory-fitted plug.
  19. You have reset the device to factory settings (you may not have done this correctly).
  20. Issues with the serial number or IMEI number, such as:
  21. The IMEI/serial number on the device has been removed, altered, deleted or rendered illegible.
  22. The IMEI number on the device does not match with the IMEI number on the invoice.

Some Reminders for you:

  1. Please note that any repairs TechMarkit may perform, or replacement parts provided under the terms of this Warranty do not provide the right to an extension or renewal of the Warranty period, i.e. the Warranty period does not 're-start'.
  2. TechMarkit will obtain an independent report should you submit your device under a warranty claim in order to determine the cause of your complaint.All Warranty queries or submissions should be accompanied by a proof of purchase document and/or the document number/reference. This should be done prior to the expiry date of the Warranty on your product.
  3. Please remove your Sim card and Memory cards from your device, as we cannot be held accountable for any loss of these cards and their data.
  4. Should you submit your device to TechMarkit under a Warranty claim, you are reminded that TechMarkit is not responsible for loss of any data or programs installed on that unit.
  5. Remember that we have graded all our Pre-Owned products. If you are returning an item under the Warranty, its condition must be the same as when you bought it. That means if you purchased an A Grade device, when you return it in terms of the Warranty it should still be worthy of that A Grade rating. If not, any replacement item will be according to the graded condition of your returned purchase.
  6. TechMarkit (Pty) Ltd retains ownership of defective products, parts and equipment which are replaced in your product.

Warranty Repairs

  • To lodge a Warranty claim, please send an email to warranty@techmarkit.co.za with full details of your claim. You will be advised of the steps you need to follow to have the claim processed timeously.
  • All Warranty claims will be sent for a full product evaluation before the unit is repaired or exchanged for the same product or a replacement unit as agreed between you and TechMarkit.
  • You will be provided with updates throughout the easy Warranty claim process.
  • Warranty repairs may take upwards from seven (7) business days, depending on availability of replacement parts where required.

Extended Warranty 

    • The TechMarkit Extended Warranty enables warranty cover for an additional six (6) months on any qualifying Pre-owned laptop/notebook product sold by TechMarkit, online or in-store that has an existing six-month Warranty. This means that the Extended Warranty provides the owner of that product to claim under the TechMarkit Warranty clause for a total of one year (12 months).
    • The Extended Warranty covers defects in hardware and workmanship in the device, that prevent usage of the laptop for the purpose for which it was designed. The Warranty is applicable to the person who bought the item from TechMarkit.
    • Software failure, accidental damage and normal wear and tear are not covered under this Warranty.
    • Opening the inside working parts of your laptop will void the warranty.
    • TechMarkit may have more than one price for an extended warranty and is based on the selling price of the associated Pre-owned product.
    • An Extended Warranty must be taken out at the time of purchase or within seven (7) working days.
    • The Extended Warranty only applies to laptops. Batteries are not covered under the TechMarkit Warranty.
    • Repairs claimed for under the standard TechMarkit Warranty may take from seven (7) to 21 business days to be finalised, depending on the availability of replacement parts where required.
    • An Extended Warranty cannot be bought for any laptops sold with a 1-year (12-month) Warranty.
    • The TechMarkit Extended Warranty must be read in conjunction with the parameters, inclusions and exclusions of the current TechMarkit standard Warranty as detailed on this page.
    • Warranty claims can be lodged by sending an email to warranty@techmarkit.co.za with all the details, including original order number. Relevant documentation (your details, invoice or order number, product serial number and pictures) must accompany the claim.

    iPhone Battery Warranty

    At TechMarkit, we are committed to ensuring the longevity and performance of your iPhone. We proudly offer a 2-year warranty on all iPhone batteries for models iPhone 6 and up.

    Qualifying for Battery Replacement:

    To be eligible for a battery replacement under our warranty, your iPhone must meet the following criteria:

    Battery Health Status:

    Your iPhone's battery health should be significantly degraded. When your iPhone displays the message: "Your battery’s health is significantly degraded. An Apple Authorised Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity". 

    Screenshot from iPhone 

    Note: If your iPhone displays the message "iPhone unable to determine battery health," it may indicate that the battery has been replaced using an unknown battery part or improperly installed. In such cases, the customer will not be eligible for a replacement battery under our warranty.

    How to Claim Your Warranty:

    • If you receive the above message on your iPhone within 2 years of purchase, please contact TechMarkit to initiate the Warranty claim process. 

    Should you have any questions or need assistance with your iPhone battery Warranty, our customer support team is here to help. We thank you for choosing TechMarkit for your tech solutions, and we're committed to providing you with top-quality products and outstanding service.

    Note: Please be aware that the Warranty is limited to one battery claim per customer per device.